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About Us

Coco Traffic Planners is a civil engineering consulting firm specializing in transportation planning and design. The firm’s expertise covers the fields of traffic operations and design, transportation engineering and planning, traffic control and signal design, striping plans, parking studies and design, planning circulation systems, and related engineering.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life since 1992

Founded in July 1992, Coco Traffic Planners provides both the public and the private sector with the best professional consulting services. The firm’s staff has served in the traffic and transportation engineering fields for over a fifty years, helping clients solve existing and potential traffic problems as they relate to the various projects’ development phases.

Coco Traffic Planners has developed a unique proprietary computer program for the analysis of the traffic impacts associated with any type of development. The program constitutes a formidable environmental impact forecasting tool which enables the rapid solution of “what-if” type of conditions.

The program allows the evaluation of traffic impacts on a local level, as well as regional levels, by means of different methodologies currently accepted throughout Southern California (ICU, HCM, CMA methods). The program also can be tailored to include alternative methodologies to satisfy specific requirements and procedures. The traffic analyses can be performed in “real time” with regard to variables such as alternative land-use scenarios, project sizes, and roadways’ geometrics. This feature gives the company’s clients the ability to evaluate their projects’ traffic impacts under a variety of alternative scenarios. The optimal project thus can result from a cost-benefit analysis correlating the project to the traffic mitigation measures and other environmental concerns.

Over the years the staff’s expertise has been applied to the analysis of the traffic impacts of virtually every type of land use as well as to the design of traffic signals, roadway striping, and parking plans. Coco Traffic Planners is included in the list of recommended traffic consultants for a number of cities in the Greater Los Angeles Area, and surrounding counties.

We Work on Projects of All Sizes